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Friday Night Dance Party

Patricio and spatialkay are hosting a dance party in Kirel every other Friday night starting at 16:00 KI time.

As of this posting, the next party will be on March 27th and be held every two weeks for the forseeable future.

For any particular music requests, you may PM Patricio either on the forums or in-game during the party.  For the music stream, simply follow this link for their site.

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Herhaalt elke 14 dagen tot woe dec 02 2015 .
maart 27, 2015 - 16:00 - 20:00
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The host is now JayRho. The event begins with Pre-Dance Music at 15:00 KI time, continues with Dance Music at 16:00 KI time and ends with Post Dance Music as soon as the Dance Music is over. The location varies with the dates, so keep an eye on the MOULa forums thread to know the exact place.